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Title: Embedded data acquisition system for effectiveness of lining systems
Authors: Miguens Matutino, P.
Dias, T.
Cigarro, A.
Vitorino, C.
Mota, R.
Lopes, M. G.
Barroso, M. P.
Dores, R.
Silva, F.
Keywords: Data acquisition;Embedded system;Lining systems;Defect detection
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2011
Series/Report no.: Paper N.;83
Abstract: This paper presents an embedded data acquisition system for the mobile probe liner integrity survey method using one matrix of electrodes. The mobile probe is used for landfill fault detection on barriers systems. These barriers are used in the construction of landfills, in order to assure the protection of the environment. Such faults are produced during the construction process and it is impossible to avoid them. Consequently, accurate test methods are required to check the integrity of the barriers after the placement of the granular layer. In this paper, a prototype of an embedded data acquisition system that allows the implementation of a quick and low-cost test method is proposed.
ISBN: 978-989-97531-0-5
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