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Title: Avaliação experimental da permeabilidade ao ar da envolvente e do sistema de ventilação. Edifício "Gaioleiro" (1880)
Authors: Pereira da Silva, F.
Pinto, A.
Keywords: Ventilação;O a i;Permeabilidade;Eficiência energética;Pressurização;Reabilitação;Edifício gaioleiro;Témica;Simulação;Ensaio
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2011
Publisher: LNEC
Abstract: ABSTRACT: This communication presents a set of experimental results and numerical evaluations, characterizing the air permeability and ventilation system of a “Gaioleiro” building. Regarding the high rates of air infiltration obtained, namely by old wooden windows, it was studied retrofit measures for building airtightness and ventilation system. The results presented in this article show a great potential for building thermal performance improvement, regarding only the retrofit of building airtightness (window improvement or window replacement). In this article it’s also shown the threat of getting bad ventilation after sealing the building envelope. The air permeability evaluation was determined using the fan pressurization method (EN 13829:2000). The ventilation air flow rate was evaluated with tracer gas concentration decay method (EN ISO 12569:2000). Air flow rates calculation, for current construction and retrofit measures, was carried out using numerical model (EN 15242:2007), validated with the experimental results obtained.
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