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Title: 3D geological model of Lisbon
Authors: Matildes, R.
Pinto, C.
Jeremias, T.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Geologically Active – Williams et al. (eds)
Citation: ISBN 978-0-415-60034-7
Abstract: Within the GeoSIS_Lx project, a geotechnical data base is being implemented and methodologies to generate tridimensional geological and geotechnical models of the city of Lisbon are being developed. The generation of the tridimensional model is being pursued through an iterative process using a Geographical Information System (GIS) platform, designed to be open to the use of several technicians that may not be geology or software experts. Geological surfaces were derived based on information interpolated from cross-sections, resulting in a simple model where first order geological patterns are present, following a validation with the cartographic patterns of geological outcrops and with selected information of the geological database. Future developments include refinement of modeling of faults and an automatic validation procedure against the borehole database and geologic cartographic patterns taking into account the data uncertainties. Results indicate that the methodology in this test suits the requisites of the geological formations of Lisbon.
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