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Title: Functional limitations associated with housing environmental problems among community-living older people
Authors: Cachadinha, C.
Branco Pedro, J.
Fialho, J. C.
Keywords: Housing;Functional limitations;Aging;Person-environment fit
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2010
Publisher: IAHS
Abstract: This paper describes the functional limitations due to normal aging that are associated with difficulties in older persons housing environments. Literature review from occupational therapy, medicine and human kinetics was used to study the evolution of abilities with aging, the prevalence of functional limitations in old age and the implications of these limitations in the use of the housing environment. In addition, the functional limitations used in instruments for assessing and analysing accessibility problems in housing and to evaluate housing were analyzed. Ten functional limitations that may arise with aging and have implications in the use of the housing environment were identified and described. Functional limitations associated with aging are physical, sensory or cognitive impairments. These limitations can be combined to set a specific functional profile of an older person or to establish a generic functional profile of an aging population. Functional profiles can be used to set performance specifications for design or to assess housing environments for community-living older people. Profiles can also be used to adapt the environment to the specific needs of users.
ISSN: 978-84-693-6655-4
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