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Title: Analysis of a gravity dam considering the application of passive reinforcement
Authors: Bretas, E. M.
Lemos, J. V.
Keywords: Gravity dam;Passive reinforcement
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Abstract: Small concrete gravity dams are sometimes built using passive steel anchors to enhance their stability for the applied loads. It is important to assess the amount of internal tensile and shear forces resisted by the anchors to verify their structural adequacy. This paper presents the application of the distinct element method to study the magnitude and distribution of internal anchor forces. Comprehensive parametric analyses considering the anchor shear stiffness and the friction angle of the dam-foundation interface have been performed on a small dam 3 m high. The case of several anchors along the section was also investigated. It is shown that (a) the required displacements to induce anchor loads are very small (of the order of 10x10-3 mm of crack opening), (b) that the anchor shear stiffness has small impact in the load share between anchor and concrete, and finally (c) that strength properties of rock-concrete interface play a key role in the structure behavior.
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