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Title: Application of a global interpretation model for assessment of the stress field for enginerring purposes
Authors: Lamas, L.
Muralha, J.
Figueiredo, B.
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2010
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group, London
Abstract: Release of the in situ stresses is often the most relevant action in underground projects. Several different field methods are available to measure the in situ state of stress. Some allow the evaluation of the complete state of stress at a given point, while others only supply a single stress component. The paper presents a global methodology for evaluation of the most likely natural stress field from in situ test results. Some case histories are presented as examples of application. One example deals with the case of an underground powerhouse where high horizontal stresses were determined by overcoring tests, which were later confirmed by flat jack tests performed during the construction of access adits. A second one considers the analysis of a testing programme where overcoring and flat jack tests were both performed during the initial testing programme in different locations. The last one refers to the results of overcoring tests in the vicinity of existing underground caverns, which have to be adequately considered in order to estimate the natural state of stress.
ISBN: 978-0-415-60165-8
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