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Title: Simulation of vibration generated by underwater blasting using statistical analysis and numerical modelling
Authors: Resende, R.
Gomes, J. P.
Keywords: Rock blasting;Desmonte rocha;Vibration;Vibrações;Numerical modelling;Modelação numérica
Issue Date: 15-Jun-2010
Publisher: CRC Press
Abstract: Rock blasting in urban settings is always extremely demanding in what regards the control of ground vibrations and other environmental impacts. Extensive underwater blasting was performed in the Leixões Harbour, an important harbour surrounded by a dense urban mesh. Macro-seismometers were installed in the perimeter and recorded more than one thousand blasts. After completion of the works classical curve fitting statistical analysis of peak particle velocity (PPV) as a function of charge and distance to the blast was performed. PPV spatial distributions were determined for the duration of the construction and maps of ground peak vibration velocity drawn. The results showed that the accuracy of the attenuation law is within the usual range for this kind of phenomenon. However, factors like terrain morphology or geology variations cannot easily be included in a regression law but can be treated in a simple numerical model. A dynamic finite-difference model was developed and the influence of these features was studied thus increasing the understanding of the problem and providing valuable insights into some aspects of the usually large dispersion in the PPV.
ISBN: 978-0-415-58654-2
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