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Title: Determination of in situ stresses using large flat jack tests
Authors: Figueiredo, B.
Lamas, L.
Muralha, J.
Keywords: Large flat jack tests;Numerical model
Issue Date: Oct-2010
Abstract: Large flat jack tests are used to assess rock mass deformability in the design stages of large projects. The paper introduces a methodology for interpretation of the tests, with which it is also possible to obtain the in situ normal and shear stress components on the flat jack plane. The main problem regarding interpretation of large flat jack tests has to do with the effect of the tension crack that may develop in the rock mass, depending on the loading pattern, the rock mass tensile strength and the in situ stress normal to the jack. The three-dimensional numerical model that was developed simulates the test with the actually applied loading and accounts for the development of the tension crack. Model results show that the extent of the tension crack is irrelevant for the determination of the in situ stresses. Therefore, the in situ stress values can be used as an important parameter for interpretation of the test results, and furthermore constitute one more output of this reliable in situ test.
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