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Title: Digital Preservation Based on Federations of Data Grids
Authors: Antunes, G. J.
Barateiro, J.
Borbinha, J. L.
Silvestre, D.
Freitas, F.
Keywords: Data grid;Federated systems;Digital preservation;Dependability;Self organized systems
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Netbiblo
Abstract: Digital preservation, as a research and technical problem, is related with the purpose of maintaining digital objects accessible over a long period of time, regardless the challenges concerning technological or organizational changes or failures. In this poster we propose solutions that can evaluate and support the design of strategies in the context of preser- vation systems based on federations of data grids. The purpose is to have in place techniques that, when in the presence of veri ed failures or potential risks, automatically apply speci c business rules considering the perceived state of the system. This means that federations of data grids, as preser- vation systems, must be able to react to threats in order to keep the main properties of the system aligned with its business objectives. Ideally, those reactions should result in a self-organization of the system, especially when the changes occur between some limits. When out of those limits, the re- actions should be e ective at least to request human intervention.
ISBN: 978-84-9745-549-7
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