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Title: Design of Tapered Compression Members According to Eurocode 3
Authors: Baptista, A. M.
Muzeau, J. P.
Keywords: Tapered column;Non-uniform member;Compressed element;Design buckling resistance;Strong-axis buckling;Weak-axis buckling;Non-linear behaviour;Elastic-plastic analysis;Buckling rules;Eurocode 3
Issue Date: May-1998
Abstract: Tapered members are not covered by specific relationships from Eurocode 3 (EC3). These elements must be verified using second-order analysis or simplified methods, based on modifications of the basic procedure for uniform members. This paper presents a formulation for the design of such members, based on the introduction of additional coefficients in the EC3 expressions. The evaluation of these coefficients is based on parametric studies, concerning the numerical simulation of the behaviour of a great number of linearly tapered members with I-shaped cross sections. The parameters taken in account on the studied cases were the boundary conditions of the members, their slenderness, the cross-section axis of bending and the ratio between the weakest and the strongest cross-sections heights.
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