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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018Wadi – detecção inovadora de fugas de àgua em grandes redes de distribuição a partir da vigilância através de aviões tripulados e dronesCarvalho, A.; Oliveira, A.; Alves, E.
10-May-2010Water and ecological quality in the Aljezur coastal stream (Portugal)Rodrigues, M.; Oliveira, A.; Guerreiro, M.; Fortunato, A. B.; Queiroga, H.
Jun-2014Water and nitrogen budgets under different production systems in Lisbon urban farmingCameira, M.; Tedesco , S.; Leitão, T. E.
2001Water and wastewater disinfection in PortugalVieira, P.; Matos, J. S.
Nov-2010Water cycle safety plan frameworkAlmeida, M. C.; Vieira, P.; Smeets, P.
Sep-2014Water demand profiling as a decision support system for network operation and planningMamade, A.; Loureiro, D.; Covas, D.; Coelho, S.T.
Jan-2016Water distribution systems flow monitoring and anomalous event detection: A practical approachLoureiro, D.; Amado, C; Martins, A.; Vitorino, D.; Mamade, A.; Coelho, S.T.
May-2019Water observatories as supporting tools to climate change adaptation in coastal ecosystemsRodrigues, M.; Cravo, A.; Fortunato, A. B.; Oliveira, A.; Martins, R.; Jacob, J.; Rogeiro, J.; Rosa, A.; Santos, D.; Freire, P.; Azevedo, A.
Jun-2019Water reclamation with hybrid powdered activated carbon / ceramic microfiltration: pilot studies for the removal of EfOM and contaminants of emerging concernViegas, R.M. C.; Mesquita, E.; Campinas, M.; Almeida, C.M.M.; Rosa, M. J.
Mar-2011Water resistance of intumescent coatings for fire protection of steel structuresSilva, H. M.; Cabral-Fonseca, S.; Rodrigues, M. P.
1995Water resources information policySantos, M. A.; RODRIGUES, R. R.
1995Water resources information policy. Projecto EUROWATER/DGXII,Santos, M. A.; RODRIGUES, R. R.
1987Water Resources Planning - A Research ProgramCosta, J. R.; Santos, M. A.
19-Nov-2015Water systems design impact on utilities efficient management – Long term planning in a multi-utility GroupFeliciano, J.; Almeida, R.; Santos A.; Ganhão, A.; Maia J.; Soares, M.; Kresse, A.; Macedo, A.; Covas, D.; Alegre, H.
17-Feb-2012Water Vapor Emission From Rigid Mesoporous Materials during the Constant Drying Rate PeriodGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Pel, L.
2002Water wuality in Portuguese pseudo-separate and combined systems: a conceptual modelling approach for data comparisonDavid, L. M.
2006Waterborne acrylic varnishes durability on wood surfaces for exterior exposureCustódio, J.; Eusébio, M. I.
Nov-1995Waterborne user's requirements.Covas, J. A.
2002Wave Climate Modelling South of Rio de Janeiro in BrazilOliveira, F. S. B. F.
1-Nov-2009Wave climate variability in the North-East Atlantic Ocean over the six last decadesDodet, G.; Bertin, X.; Taborda, R.