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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018UBEST field campaigns - 5th Campaign: Tagus Estuary, September 27, 2018Santos, D.; Freire, P.; Rodrigues, M.; Cravo, A.
2009Ultrasonic indirect method for evaluating clear wood strength and stiffnessSaporiti Machado, J.; Palma, P.; Simões, S.
May-2010Ultrasound velocity profile (UVP) measurements in shallow open-channel flowsFernandes, J. N.; Leal, J. B.; Cardoso, A. H.
29-Nov-2009Um(a) NAU com 40 anos, parte IBaptista Coelho, A.
13-Dec-2009Um(a) NAU com 40 anos, parte IIBaptista Coelho, A.
21-Dec-2009Um(a) NAU com 40 anos, parte IIIBaptista Coelho, A.
May-2021Uncertainty associated to regression models used for assessing the stiffness of structural timber elementsSaporiti Machado, J.
Apr-2022Uncertainty evaluation in time-dependent measurementsAlmeida e Silva, M.; Amado, C; Ribeiro, A.; Loureiro, D.
2009Uncertainty evaluation of multi-sensor flow measurement in a sewer system using Monte Carlo methodRibeiro, A.; Almeida, M. C.; Palma, J.
1-Oct-2009Uncertainty evaluation of multi-sensor flow measurement in a sewer system using Monte Carlo methodRibeiro, A.; Almeida, M. C.; Palma, J.
Sep-2019Uncertainty evaluation of totalization of flow and volume measurements in drinking water supply networks.Ribeiro, A.; Loureiro, D.; Almeida, M. C.; Cox, M. G.; Sousa, J. A.; Almeida e Silva, M.; Martins, L.; Brito, R.; Ribeiro, A.
22-May-2006Uncertainty in tacheometric measurement of convergences in tunnelsHenriques, M. J.; Casaca, J. M.
Oct-2014Under sleeper pads in transition zones at railway underpasses: numerical modelling and experimental validationRibeiro , C.; Paixão, A.; Fortunato, E.; Calçada, R.
May-2022Understanding Flow Dynamics in Drinking Water Storage TanksPinheiro, A.
Jan-2022Understanding the bioaccumulation of pharmaceutical active compounds by clams Ruditapes decussatus exposed to a UWWTP dischargeCravo, A.; Sofia, S.; Rodrigues, J.A.; Cardoso, V.V.; Benoliel, M. J.; Alves, C.; Coelho, R.; Rosa, M. J.; Almeida, C.M.M.
26-Jul-2021Understanding the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on public transportation travel patterns in the city of LisbonAparício, J.; Arsénio, E.; Henriques, R.
Mar-2016Understanding the transport of nanolime consolidants within Maastricht limestoneBorsoi, G.; Lubelli, B.; van Hees, R.; Veiga, M. R.; Santos Silva, A.
Jul-2016Uniform flow in prismatic compound channel: Benchmarking numerical modelsBousmar, D.; Mathurin, B.; Fernandes, J. N.; Filonovich, M.; Hazlewood, C.; Huthoff, F.; Leal, J. B.; Paquier, A.
29-Oct-2018Unknown Porto- the use of azulejos in the modern architecture of the northern Portuguese townGeraldes, C.; Mimoso, J.; Pais, A.
23-Apr-2015Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as a support to visual inspections of concrete damsHenriques, M. J.; Roque, D.