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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014Alteration kinetics of natural stones due to sodium sulfate crystallization: can reality match experimental simulations?Gonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.
Sep-2013Artisanal lime coatings and their influence on moisture transport during dryingBrito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.
2011Coatings applied on damp building substrates: performance and influence on moisture transportBrito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.; Faria Rodrigues, P.
Apr-2012Controlo e prevenção de anomalias devidas à cristalização de sais solúveis em edifícios antigosPuim, P.; Gonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.
31-Jul-2014Delamination of Ançã limestone due to sodium sulfate under different environmental conditions as studied by nuclear magnetic resonanceBrito, V.; Saidov , T.; Gonçalves, T. D.; Pel, L.
Oct-2016Differential thermal expansion as a cause of salt decay: literature review, experiments and modelling of micro and macro effects on Ançã limestoneGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.
Aug-2013Drying kinetics of porous stones in the presence of NaCl and NaNO3: experimental assessment of the factors affecting liquid and vapour transportBrito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.
Oct-2014Drying of porous building materials possibly contaminated with soluble salts: summary and findings of the DRYMASS research projectGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Musacchi, J.; Pel, L.; Saidov , T.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.; Costa, D.; Mimoso, J.
5-Sep-2012Effects of NaCl and NaNO3 on the capillary suction, drying kinetics and vapour permeability of three building stones.Brito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.
Aug-2015Evaporation from porous building materials and its cooling potentialGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Vidigal, F.; Matias, L.; Faria Rodrigues, P.
7-Sep-2012Magnitude of the stage I drying rate of porous building materials with different porosityGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Pel, L.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.
16-Jun-2010Mass transport in the material boundary layer during drying: experiments with sixteen paint coatings applied on dry or wet lime mortar substrate.Brito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.; Faria, P.
11-Jun-2014Optical measurement of the alteration kinetics of porous building materials during salt crystallizationGonçalves, T. D.; Musacchi, J.; Brito, V.
10-Jul-2013Seeing inside porous building materials: NMR study of moisture transport during dryingGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Pel, L.
2014The whole and the parts: can lime coatings enhance the drying of salt laden materials?Gonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Musacchi, J.
10-Jul-2013Thermal expansion of Ançã limestone after contamination with three different sodium saltsBrito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.
17-Feb-2012Water Vapor Emission From Rigid Mesoporous Materials during the Constant Drying Rate PeriodGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Pel, L.