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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2021Agriculture and Sustainable Tourism for the Consolidation of Peace in Colombia: A Study of Architectural Traditional TechniquesCintura, E.; Lina Nunes; Faria, P.
Jul-2021Agro-industrial wastes as building insulation materials: A review and challenges for Euro-Mediterranean countriesCintura, E.; Lina Nunes; Esteves, B.; Faria, P.
Sep-2017Anomalies detection in adhesive wall tiling systems by infrared thermographyLourenço, T.; Matias, L.; Faria, P.
2021Assessment of the Density Loss in Anobiid Infested Pine Using X-ray Micro-Computed TomographyParracha, J.; Pereira, M.; Maurício, A.; Faria, P.; Lima, D.; Tenório, M.; Lina Nunes
Mar-2017Avaliação in situ do comportamento de rebocos exteriores de argamassas de terra com baixas adições de caisSantos, T.; Faria, P.; Santos Silva, A.
22-Feb-2022Bio-Wastes as Aggregates for Eco-Efficient Boards and Panels: Screening Tests of Physical Properties and Bio-SusceptibilityCintura, E.; Faria, P.; Duarte, M.; Lina Nunes
13-Jun-2021Cement-Bonded Particleboards with Banana Pseudostem Waste: Physical Performance and Bio-SusceptibilityLina Nunes; Cintura, E.; Parracha, J.; Fernandes, B.; Silva, V.; Faria, P.
Oct-2021Characterization of agro-wastes to be used as aggregates for eco-efficient insulation boardsCintura, E.; Lina Nunes; Faria, P.
4-Mar-2015Characterization tests for insulation boards made from corn cob and natural gluesCardoso, S.; Ribeiro Nunes, L. M.; Faria, P.
15-Oct-2021Effects of hygrothermal, UV and SO2 accelerated ageing on the durability of ETICS in urban environmentsParracha, J.; Borsoi, G.; Veiga, M. R.; Flores-Colen, I.; Lina Nunes; Garcia, A.; Ilharco, L.; Dionísio, A.; Faria, P.
25-Mar-2020Electrodialytic removal of tungsten and arsenic from secondary mine resources — Deep eutectic solvents enhancementAlmeida, J.; Craveiro, R.; Faria, P.; Santos Silva, A.; Mateus, E.; Barreiros, S.; Paiva, A.; Ribeiro, A.
16-Jun-2010Mass transport in the material boundary layer during drying: experiments with sixteen paint coatings applied on dry or wet lime mortar substrate.Brito, V.; Gonçalves, T. D.; Faria, P.
2021Performance parameters of ETICS: Correlating water resistance, bio-susceptibility and surface propertiesParracha, J.; Borsoi, G.; Flores-Colen, I.; Veiga, M. R.; Lina Nunes; Dionísio, A.; Gomes, M.; Faria, P.
Nov-2014Preliminary study of the acoustic behavior concerning an innovative prototype for indoor modular partitioningSimões, G.; Patrício, J.; Faria, P.
18-Nov-2014Preliminary study of the acoustic behavior concerning an innovative prototype for indoor modular partitioningSimões, G.; Patrício, J.; Faria, P.