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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-201518th century Portuguese tiles: characterization and reproduction study of Ca-rich biscuitsMorais Pereira, S.; Musacchi, J.; Mendes, M.; Leal, A.; Esteves, L.; Santos Silva, A.; Mimoso, J.
2-Jul-2015Adhesives for outdoor architectural historic azulejo conservationMorais Pereira, S.; Musacchi, J.; Esteves, L.; Pereira, J.; Cabral-Fonseca, S.; Silva, H. M.; Rodrigues, M. P.; Mimoso, J.
10-Oct-2012CerAzul: Assessment and development of materials and techniques for the conservation of Historic AzulejosMorais Pereira, S.; Esteves, L.; Mendes, M.; Musacchi, J.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.; Mimoso, J.
Oct-2014Drying of porous building materials possibly contaminated with soluble salts: summary and findings of the DRYMASS research projectGonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Musacchi, J.; Pel, L.; Saidov , T.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.; Costa, D.; Mimoso, J.
Apr-2014Influence of nano-lime and nano-silica consolidants in the drying kinetics of three porous building materialsMusacchi, J.; Gonçalves, T. D.
11-Jun-2014Optical measurement of the alteration kinetics of porous building materials during salt crystallizationGonçalves, T. D.; Musacchi, J.; Brito, V.
Oct-2014The altertion kinetics curve and time-lapse imaging - Useful features in salt crystallization testsMusacchi, J.; Gonçalves, T. D.
2014The whole and the parts: can lime coatings enhance the drying of salt laden materials?Gonçalves, T. D.; Brito, V.; Musacchi, J.