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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2012A comparision in the evaluation of measurement uncertainty in analytical chemistry testing between the use of quality control data and a regression analysisSousa, J. A.; Reynolds, A. M.; Ribeiro, A.
2010Discussion on the gaussian assumption in flow rate measurements using a primary weighing methodRibeiro, A.; Oliveira Costa, C.; Sousa, J. A.; Henriques, J. D.
Nov-2011Measurement uncertainties in regression analysis with scarcity of dataSousa, J. A.; Ribeiro, A.; Cox, M. G.; Harris, P. M.; Sousa, J. F.
31-May-2011Measurement uncertainty of dew-point temperature in a two-pressure humidity generatorLages Martins, L.; Ribeiro, A.; Sousa, J. A.; Forbes, A. B.
1-Oct-2009Methods for the definition of calibration intervals and to perform cost-efectiveness analysis in management systemsRibeiro, A.; Lages Martins, L.; Sousa, J. A.; Baptista, R.
23-Jul-2021Role of measurement uncertainty in the comparison of average areal rainfall methodsRibeiro, A.; Almeida, M. C.; Cox, M. G.; Sousa, J. A.; Lages Martins, L.; Loureiro, D.; Brito, R.; Soares, A.C.
1-Oct-2009The choice of method to the evaluation of measurement uncertainty in MetrologySousa, J. A.; Ribeiro, A.
Mar-2010Trends and challenges of metrology applied to civil engineering researchRibeiro, A.; Sousa, J. A.; Lages Martins, L.
Sep-2019Uncertainty evaluation of totalization of flow and volume measurements in drinking water supply networks.Ribeiro, A.; Loureiro, D.; Almeida, M. C.; Cox, M. G.; Sousa, J. A.; Almeida e Silva, M.; Martins, L.; Brito, R.; Ribeiro, A.